Ricoh’s productive high quality Pro L5160 large format printer celebrates Buyers Lab Award

Pressemelding fra Ricoh Europe 10 oktober 2019:

Ricoh’s innovative technology has again received Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab’s seal of approval. The Ricoh Pro L5160dual CMYKlarge format production printer has won the 2020 Pick Award for Outstanding High Production CMYK Eco-Solvent /Latex 54”/64” Printer. The prestigious accolade was presented to Ricoh during VISCOM in Milan, Italy.

Buyers Lab,the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, chose the winning system following an in-depth review of a comprehensive set of technical criteria.

Buyers Labhighlighted the system’saboveaverageproductivityacrossallqualitysettingsand exceptionaldimensionalstabilityforprecisecreationofmulti-paneljobs. It also acknowledged its superiorusabilityvia anintuitivecolourtouchscreenandstraightforwardColorGATEproduction10 RIPsoftwareas well as its consistentlyvibranthighcontrastandphoto-likeimagequality.

KeypointIntelligence – Buyers Lab stated: “Thedual CMYK

ProL5160’sfastspeedlendsitselftobeinganidealchoiceforbusyprintshopsneedingtodeliverlargeformatprintjobsundertightdeadlines. Italsoproducedamajorityofhalftoneimagesthatwerevibrant, sharpand3D-likeinappearance. Moreover, wenotednegligiblevariationsinbothcolourandsizewhentheProL5160 printedlargepanelsinrepetition, whichmeansanybusinesslookingtoexpanditsapplicationscopecancountonthisdevicetodeliverseamlessoutputforwall-hangingorotherside-by-sidedisplaywork.”

Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Commercial and Industrial Printing Group,Ricoh Europe, says: “We are delighted that our leading large format production devices are being recognised for their superior technology and performance capabilities. This agile and versatile solution combines Ricoh inks, Ricoh print heads and Ricoh design to empower users to deliver a wide range of applications quickly, easily and to a very high quality.”

The Ricoh Pro L5160 was developed to respond to progressiveprinters’andSignandDisplayspecialists’ needsforbroader job capabilities (CMYK plus white), fastershort run production and enhanced productivity (CMYK). It prints at segment-leading speeds of up to 46.7sqm per hour in outdoor standard mode and 25sqm per hour in indoor standard mode on applications up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. Offering automated maintenance and Ricoh’s GREENGUARD-certified high opacity latex inks the Pro L5160 also brings ease of use and environmental benefits.

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